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Since 1998, LSSI has trained over 50,000 Lean Six Sigma professionals and helped more than 500 manufacturing, logistics, and service organizations from dozens of industries successfully implement Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools.

Organizations employing Lean Six Sigma Institute training and coaching services can expect to achieve a substantial improvement in the lead time for providing products and services to customers, a sustainable increase in quality, a significant improvement in safety, better employee morale, greater customer satisfaction and a considerable reduction in costs.

San Diego 2015 Award for Consulting Business Services

We have published best-selling books in multiple languages.

LSSI is more than a training company. We provide global, live onsite and online instructor-led training and offer the value-added service of onsite or remote coaching to ensure your organization’s Lean Six Sigma project’s success. LSSI’s experienced certified coaches are available to provide expert input and guidance at every step of project implementation.

LSSI coaches/instructors are also experts in the field. Many LSSI instructors have held senior leadership and management positions and all have extensive experience assisting LSSI clients successfully deploy Lean Six Sigma throughout their enterprises, leading to more productive organizations and substantial costs savings. 

Our instructors and training content are multilingual. An important tenet of Lean Six Sigma is to train and include all employees. If your organization employs a segment of workers who learn best in a specific language, LSSI can provide a customized bilingual training solution to fit your needs.​

Competitive Advantage
Where do we serve?

The Americas

  • Canada

  • USA

  • Mexico

  • Guatemala

  • El Salvador

  • Nicaragua

  • Panama

  • Colombia

  • Peru

  • Brasil

  • Argentina

  • Ecuador

  • Costa Rica

  • Chile

  • Bolivia

  • Venezuela


  • England

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • France

  • Switzerland

  • Italy

  • Poland

  • Netherlands

  • Hungary

  • Turkey

  • Portugal


  • China

  • Taiwan

  • Vietnam

Some of our clients
  • Electronics: Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, IBM, Flextronics

  • Services: Mitsubishi, GNP, Bancomer, HSBC

  • Pharmaceutical: Abbott Laboratories, Bayer, PISA Laboratories, CMD

  • Plastics: Alcan, Trend Plastics, Technicolor, Polykon

  • Automotive: BMW, Chrysler, Lear, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Crown

  • Healthcare: Hospital San Francisco, Hospital Puerta de Hierro

  • Packaging: Graham Packaging, Innopack, Mavel

  • Footwear: New Balance, Dione, Viniteck, Marcob, Grismar

  • University partners: UVM, Universidad del Pacífico, Southwestern College  Agricultural Services: Dramm & Echter, Sunkist Growers, Altman Plants, Nature Sweet

  • Food & Beverage: Groupo Bimbo, Sunkist, Hershey’s, Kraft Heinz, Grolsch, Cuervo, Coca-Cola, Sauza


  • LSSI has also helped thousands of small businesses achieve the same great results




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