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Why join the LSSI team?
  • You are an expert in Lean Six Sigma, you have already certified yourself and now you want more.

  • You want to travel and know the problems that different companies from different industries and different cultures face.

  • The lifestyle from 9:00 to 5:00, from Monday to Saturday, no longer fits your interests and needs.

  • You want to work hand in hand with the experts in the methodology and thus grow your professional and personal profile.

  • You want to be part of the LSSI team.

Step 1

Become a Lean Six Sigma Certified Professional! Our staff is trained in every step of the Lean Six Sigma Certification program, so you should aspire to become the best-trained professional in the industry.


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Step 2

Subscribe to one of our Membership Programs, join the most important network of certified professionals internationally and have access to our teaching material!



Step 3

Attend to our Master Class certifications at one of our main venues in San Diego, Madrid or Lima and become part of the LSSI Family!


The training workshop includes:


  • LSSI Commercial Agent Certification

  • LSSI Trainer Certification

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