In-house Certification Training and Workshops

With vast experience training over 50,000 working professionals, we’ve developed an extensive library of proven content, engaging exercises and practical materials to most effectively develop your team’s skills.

Training for Lean Six Sigma Implementors

Master Black Belt Course Brochure

160 hours including Yellow, Green & Black Belt


After completing this course, participants will develop the skills necessary to become Lean Six Sigma implementation leaders and apply agile work tools and advanced quality tools to guide long-term culture change and positively influence business results.



Black Belt Course Brochure

120 hours including Yellow & Green Belt


During this certification program, your team will learn advanced Lean Six Sigma tools, expert problem-solving methodology, and the coaching and leadership skills needed to help any organization achieve direct, quantifiable and substantial cost savings.

Training for Managers

Green Belt Course Brochure

80 hours including Yellow Belt


During this certification program, your team will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to identify, develop and lead Lean Six Sigma projects using the DMAIC problem-solving methodology.  


Green belts have a thorough understanding of the everyday practices needed to sustain a continuous improvement culture and manage processes in all areas of an organization.


Yellow Belt Course Brochure

40 hours including Lean Management & White Belt


After completing this certification course, participants will be able to implement the full gamut of Lean tools, utilize flexible problem-solving techniques, and prevent problems before they happen.

Training According to the process

Lean Design Course Brochure

Lean Design focuses on the substantial improvement of the design process in terms of improving time to market and the quality of new product introduction. It also focuses on improving the design of the product or service through powerful tools for robust design.

Lean Accounting Course Brochure

Lean Accounting is an innovative method of transforming data into information and generating highly-valued indicators for decision-making. 

Lean Logistics Course Brochure

Logistics operations generate between 10% and 40% of product costs and over 50% of this segment of costs is made up of non-value added activities. Lean Logistics ensures efficient processes with less variation.

Training for everyone

White Belt 8 hours

Course Brochure

After completing this course, participants will develop the daily habits needed to manage Lean Six Sigma processes and sustain the culture. In addition, participants will have a foundational knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and understand their role and responsibilities in a Lean Six Sigma company.

Training for the Management Team

Lean Management 8 hours

Course Brochure

The Lean Management program offers a proven system to significantly improve company performance. The program is designed to develop leaders in the successful implementation of strategic tools and the achievement of exceptional results.

Training According to your Industry

Lean Manufacturing Course Brochure

To remain competitive, manufacturing companies must learn new ways to take advantage of resources to improve lead time and product quality.


Lean Services Course Brochure

We know that the services side of any industry and the service sector itself has added costs of between 30% and 80% due to the waste found in various service processes. Lean service is designed to create quicker and more efficient service processes that result in high-quality services and improved productivity.


Lean Healthcare Course Brochure

Nowadays, healthcare services contain the most delicate and important processes for individuals and society. Therefore, it is important that the design and operation of healthcare facilities are highly efficient and result in optimal patient care. Lean Healthcare provides an opportunity to transform healthcare organizations into more efficient service providers. 

Lean Government Course Brochure

Government is a source of social growth and should be an example of efficiency in developing and carrying out processes that provide services to the public.


Lean Banking Course Brochure

Financial institutions put forth great effort to create more agile and effective processes to deliver better and more efficient services to customers.

Lean Construction Course Brochure

Construction is one of the industries that wastes the greatest amount of resources and time. The implementation of Lean Six Sigma is setting a new era in construction.​


Lean Agriculture​ 

After completing this course, participants will develop the skills necessary to become Lean Six Sigma implementation leaders and apply agile work tools and advanced quality tools to guide long-term culture change and positively influence business results.​​

Training Options

for every need and everyone

On-site Traning

Select your training for a group of at least 10 persons and get your team ready to start your Lean Six Sigma Transformation process!

Virtual Live Training

Open or private Live instructor-led training broadcast through the Webex Platform for groups of at least 10 persons. 

Online Training

Access via the internet with video training sessions as well as virtual training material, assignments and discussion forums.

12 months
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"The Lean and Six Sigma training program delivered by LSSI is excellent. Both the Yellow Belt and Green Belt sessions in this program are systematically structured. The training materials are informative and easily understandable.
More importantly, the trainers are outstanding with a wealth of work experience in the Lean and Six Sigma area. Technically, LSSI also performs a great job in providing full support for each training session with prompt response.
Looking ahead, we have pleasure in working with LSSI in our future Lean and Six Sigma training." 


Kattey Wei Senior

HR Manager – Asia

New Balance