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Lean Manufacturing: Step by Step


"In the Lean system, we find a methodology for the manufacturing and administration of our business completely different and focused on continuous improvement. The cultural change that was generated in our company is outstanding..."


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Lean Company: Beyond Manufacturing


The objective of the Lean Company is to maximize the potential of individuals and companies, thus achieving the desired objectives. I want to share the great opportunity I have had to help develop better manufacturing and service companies...


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Lean Management System for Leaders


Over the last two decades, we have studied why companies succeeded, while others failed in the journey of Lean Six Sigma. This book is a strong guide and compilation of what needs to be done to successfully implement and benefit from a strong Lean Six Sigma - Management System.


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Minitab, originally intended as a tool for teaching statistics, is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use. Minitab is well suited for instructional applications, but is also powerful enough to be used as a primary tool for analyzing research data.


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Simulation software to model, simulate, predict, and visualize systems in manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, warehousing, mining, etc.


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Industry 4.0 Technology

Smart factory


A Smart factory is a highly digitized and connected production facility that relies on smart manufacturing. Thought to be the factory of the future, the concept of the smart factory is considered an important outcome of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0.


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3d Platform


Large Format 3D Printer from the most trusted open market company. Additive Manufacturing, rapid prototyping, large scale, production-grade 3D printers.


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