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The objective of this training workshop is to acquaint participants with the Value Methodology (VM) and its function-oriented, decision-making process.

Professional certification for VM is administered by SAVE International®. Our Group is approved by the SAVE International® Certification Board to teach the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) and the Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF 2) courses. 


The VM has been used for over 70 years to assist management and engineering professionals to obtain optimum value for each dollar spent. Typical savings range from 15 to 35% for most projects. 


This Value Methodology 1 course teaches VM in a hands-on, project-based manner. During the workshop managers of architecture, design, manufacturing, finance, quality, marketing, and engineering (civil, product, industrial, manufacturing, process) will engage in “real-time” decision-making using VM tools, to ensure quality and value while reducing the cost of their projects. Participants will apply the value methodology and decision-making skills to a project to gain practical experience using what they learn.

Program: Day 1
  • Introduction to SAVE International and PACE

  • Introduction to the Workshop

  • Overview of VMF 1 & VMF 2 training

  • VM Overview – The Power of VA/VE

  • Value Methodology Core Competencies

  • Introduction to the Value Methodology

  • What is Value?

  • Compare VM vs VEM (Lean, Six Sigma, Etc.)

  • Types of Value

  • Reasons for Unnecessary Cost

  • History of the Value Methodology

  • Value Methodology Basics

  • The VM Job Plan

  • Pre Workshop (STAGE 1)

    • Planning the Workshop 

    • Project Selection 

    • Value Study Team 

    • Effective Team Members 

    • Practice 

    • Effect Team Leader 

  • Phase 1: Information Phase 

    • Project Goals

    • Cost Model / Costed BOM / BOQ

    • Voice of the Customer

    • Scope of Project and Constraints Practice

  • Phase 2: Function Analysis Phase 

    • Define Functions and Practice 

    • Identify Functions and Practice 

    • Classify Functions 

    • Practice (Random Function List) 

Day 2
  • Phase 2: 

    • Function Analysis Phase (Cont.)

    • Organize Functions / Practice

    • FAST Diagram / Practice

    • Allocate Resources to Functions / Prce.

  • Phase 3: Creative Phase

    • Ground rules for Creativity

    • Brainstorming Techniques

    • Practice

Day 3
  • Phase 4: Evaluation Phase

    • Why do we need evaluation

    • Evaluation Techniques

    • Selecting Ideas For implementation

    • Practice (Evaluation) 

  • Phase 5: Development Phase

    • Basic Terms in Financial Analysis

    • How are proposals structured

Day 4
  • Phase 5: Development Phase (Cont.)

    • Life Cycle Cost

    • Practice (Life Cycle Cost)

    • Practice (Developing Proposals)

  • Phase 6: Presentation Phase

    • Purpose and expected outcomes

    • Sample Agendas Guidelines for a Successful presentation

  • STAGE 3 Post Workshop

  • VM Job Plan Recap

  • SAVE International VM Certification

  • Teams Presentations

  • Adjourn and Celebrate

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Next event: August 19th, 2019

Duration: 4-day Workshop

Place: San Diego, California

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